Vacuum Leaf Collection Program


Winter weather continues to interfere with the City’s Vacuum Leaf Collection Program. The City has successfully completed the first sweep of collection throughout qualified neighbourhoods, but this weekend’s snowstorm has required us to postpone a second collection. At this time, equipment and staff must continue to be dedicated to snow clearing operations across the City.

The situation is challenging. We understand that managing yard waste on residential properties is difficult and arduous, but snow covered, frozen or excessively wet leaves will damage City equipment. This week and next, weather conditions are being closely assessed to determine if a second collection is at all possible.

We are hopeful for warmer temperatures and no additional precipitation in immediate days ahead, but in order for the City to conduct a second collection, weather conditions must be appropriate. If the weather conditions are right, the City will resume the VLCP. 


At this time, please consider discarding leaves via the Region of Peel yard waste collection program, which continues until December 12 City-wide.



 The City's winter maintenance crews clear City roads, priority sidewalks, bus stops and pedestrian crossings within 12-36 hours after the end of a snowstorm. Back to back storms will extend this timing. Local or residential streets are plowed after priority roads are clear. The City's first priority is safety and access to emergency vehicles and transit.

Please remember to be a good neighbour by helping older adults and people with disabilities clear their snow. Please keep your sidewalks clear of ice to help people travel to school, work and appointments.


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