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Streetlight Outage



We have received reports of new street lights that remain ‘ON’ throughout the day. The LEDs are radio controlled, whereby the lights communicate with each other and to central controllers called Gateways, via a mesh network configuration.

When a recently installed LED light remains ‘ON’ throughout the day, it is because there is a communications malfunction and it is unable to wirelessly connect with the Gateways.  As a safety feature, the LED lights are programmed to turn themselves ‘ON’ when communication is lost or interrupted.  This ensures that nearby roadways are illuminated until the communications malfunction is rectified and that no roadways are inadvertently left dark in the evening.

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 The City of Mississauga along with the Region of Peel, the Ministry of Transportation and Alectra, work together to coordinate and complete construction projects in Mississauga each year. Construction projects include roads, bridges, creeks, sewers, watermains and other types of infrastructure. 

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Plan and Build E-Services


 With Property Information Search you can access information about any property in the City of Mississauga.  Curious about whether a building permit, minor variance, or development application has been submitted? 

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Please Slow Down Signs


We are distributing ‘Please Slow Down’ lawn signs to promote safe driving habits and to lower vehicle operating speeds on neighbourhood streets. These signs can be obtained at no cost from  from our office or from the Transportation and Works Customer Service Counter at 3185 Mavis Road.  

Temporary Parking Permits


Use this service to request a short term parking permit (parking consideration) on a residential street. You may request up to 14 short term parking permits in a year for each address where there are no prohibited signs. This permit is not valid on private property.  

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Mississauga Transit


Mi Way

As Ontario's third largest municipal transit service provider, MiWay routes create economical and efficient transportation connections between popular destinations throughout the city and our services connect with neighbouring transit systems including GO Transit, TTC, Brampton Transit and Oakville Transit

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Pingstreet (mobile App)


Connecting to the City of Mississauga just got a lot easier with Pingstreet - a free mobile app that provides relevant information to you in one place.