Back to School

With thousands of Mississauga students making their way back to school next week, the City wants to remind all residents to be alert and safe when using roadways.  Drivers should be particularly alert and cautious around early childhood centres, elementary schools and high schools.

Back to school brings increased traffic, additional vehicles on roadways and more people walking, cycling or getting dropped off at different locations. We’re working closely with our community partners to ensure our roadways are safe – like with our crossing guard program in school zones.  As a City, we’re committed to keeping our pedestrians, cyclists and drivers safe.  We continue to adopt and implement new and emerging road safety practices – such as our Road Safety Program, in an effort to continually improve Mississauga’s road safety.”

 Tips on being street smart for drivers:

· Avoid being distracted

· Follow the rules of the road

· Give yourself extra time to get to where you are going

· Obey all street signs and pedestrian crossings

· Obey crossing guards

· Avoid using cell phones while driving

· Slow down and drive cautiously, especially in school zones

· Watch for pedestrians



· Crossing Guards: The City has more than 200 school crossing guards who will be ready on the first day of school to help students at designated crossings around Mississauga.

· Please Slow Down Lawn Signs: Residents are encouraged to post a Please Slow Down lawn sign (produced by the City) to encourage safe driving habits and to lower vehicle operating speeds on neighbourhood streets. Please call my office if you would like a sign.

· Traffic Calming:  City staff are constructing traffic calming projects in two neighbourhoods to change driver behaviour.  Staff are also implementing a number of passive traffic calming techniques in the form of white painted edge lines and a yellow centreline. These markings have proven successful in other areas by visually reducing the travelled width of the roadway making it less comfortable for motorists to increase their operating speeds.  

· Pedestrian Crossover Pilot Project: The City recently announced its plans to build five new pedestrian crossovers in various neighborhoods and construction is currently underway. A pedestrian crossover is a type of crossing where by law, drivers are required to stop for pedestrians intending to cross the road. Crossovers allow pedestrians to cross roads safely and all have specific signs and pavement markings.

· Vision Zero: In early 2018, Council approved Vision Zero, a framework which focuses on the prevention of fatalities and injuries due to motor vehicle collisions. It is based on a system of shared responsibilities among all partners involved in the road system, including politicians, planners, police, community organizations, etc.

The City also has two safety advisory committees: Road Safety Committee and Traffic Safety Council.

UTM Bus Terminal Closure - MOVE IN DAY

DETOUR - Sat Sept 1 (7 am - 5 pm)


Route 1C East

Last Serviced Stop: #1055 Collegeway at Broad Hollow Gate

0910 – UTM Campus

1003 – Mississauga/Collegeway

Returns to Regular Routing: #0992 Mississauga Road at Dundas Street

Route 1C West

Last Serviced Stop: #0993 Mississauga Road at Dundas Street

0914 – Mississauga/Collegeway

0991 – UTM Campus

1629 – Mississauga/Collegeway

Returns to Regular Routing: #1087 Collegeway at Broad Hollow Gate

Route 44 North

0490 – UTM Campus

Returns to Regular Routing: #0994 Mississauga Road at Harkiss Road

Route 44 South

Last Serviced Stop: #0984 Mississauga Road at Harkiss Road

0490 – UTM Campus

Route 101 East

Last Serviced Stop: #0535 Dundas Street, east of Erin Mills Parkway


Returns to Regular Routing: #0642 Dundas Street at Glengarry Road 

Route 101 West

Last Serviced Stop: #1197 Dundas Street at Erindale Station Road


Returns to Regular Routing: #1037 Dundas Street, east of Erin Mills Parkway 

Route 110 North

Last Serviced Stop: #0535 Dundas Street, east of Erin Mills Parkway

0910 – UTM Campus 

Returns to Regular Routing: #4007 South Common Centre 

Route 110 South

Last Serviced Stop: #1062 South Common Centre

0991 – UTM Campus

Returns to Regular Routing: #0545 Erin Mills Parkway, south of Dundas Street


HWY 403 Rehabilitation

From Winston Churchill Blvd to Central Parkway

Construction notice

Mississauga Writers Group

The Mississauga Writers Group this year has initiated a project to publish an anthology with the theme  "Save the Earth - it’s in your hands".   We are asking youth and our local writers to write about the earth sharing why they love the earth, what they can do to help save it and take care of it.

We would really love to see writing - poems, prose or short stories from our residents featured in our upcoming Mississauga Writers Group anthologies.  All youth are also welcome to submit their work for consideration into the anthology.  Our aim this year, in addition to our regular anthologies, is to provide our youth with opportunities to get published and have their voices heard!   

Click on the link below to view the flyer with more information about the project.

Save the Earth (pdf)


Community Information

Older Adults

Find out what's going on in the City, the Older Adult Advisory Panel (OAAP), Mississauga's path to Age-Friendly City designation and more. 

News and Events

Info for new residents...

Welcome to Mississauga, Canada's 6th largest city and home to 734,000 residents representing cultures from around the globe.  There are many services and programs to explore.



Visit your local library or go on-line and put an item on hold.  Ward 8 has 2 libraries - one at South Common Community Centre and the other at the Sheridan Centre.

Reserve an item on-line


Get on a Miway Bus with PRESTO and avoid January 29 Fare increases

Consider switching to PRESTO when you board a MiWay bus as of January 29, 2018 and you can avoid paying more for your ride.

Most of MiWay’s fares including PRESTO fares will be frozen as of January 29, 2018, with the exception of cash fares and paper tickets.

“We recognize the need to balance the cost of transit with our goal to increase ridership in our City,” said Geoff Marinoff, Transit Director.  “We encourage riders to join in the movement of using PRESTO. It’s so easy to load, tap and ride with PRESTO which makes up 64 per cent of MiWay fares, up four per cent from last year at this time. Freezing PRESTO fares will continue to support PRESTO use and our ultimate goal to eliminate paper tickets.”

Marinoff added that in 2018, MiWay will continue to invest in its transit system to allow increases in service levels and frequency of buses.

Find out more

2018 Infrastructure Brochure

The Infrastructure Brochure has been helpful in understanding what infrastructure the City is responsible for building and maintaining as well as the level of funding received from senior levels of government.     


Pet Licensing

Two Year Pet Licenses Now Available Online

As of June 1, you can purchase a two year pet licence online and save money. Pet licences are still available by phone, mail or in person at our Animal Services shelter or your local community centre.

A Fee Assistance program is available for eligible residents. Please call Animal Services at 905-896-5858 if you need more information.

License your pet on-line

Wildlife in Mississauga

 Wild animals are commonly spotted throughout Mississauga. Click on the link below to learn how you can protect yourself, your family and your property while avoiding animal conflicts.  

City Wildlife